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BRTRG 1303

Centre Scolaire Beim Schlass

stadium: completed - opening September 2017

steering: Schroeder and Ass

stability: RW Consult and Schroeder and Ass.

special techniques: Goblet & Lavandier

Layout & Volumetry

The volumetry of the school seeks to complement the spaces in the centre of the Commune Bertrange.  Its Z-shaped layout creates a coherent background perspective that unites the castle and the church.  This layout also makes it possible to complete and redefine the geometry of the "beim Schlass" square and to qualify the rue de la Fontaine by landscaping the entrances to the site via the playgrounds. 

The development of access ramps, bleachers and a closed bicycle room is in keeping with the existing gradient of the site. 

The covered courtyard courtyard develops from the building's exit to the courtyard to rue de la Fontaine.  Its generous surface area offers children a pleasant play and leisure area in the direct vicinity of the entrance to the building.

The courtyard has a variable clearance height with a minimum of 3.25m and on the one hand protects the children from sun, rain and wind and on the other hand, through its clearance from the facade, lets natural light into the hall of the west wing of the school at the first floor level.  It is on the same level as the first floor floor. 

The courtyard closes vertically along the rue de la Fontaine, thus offering more visual and acoustic comfort for the residents.

On the south facade of the school, on the entrance square at the foot of the castle, there is a roof overhang marking the facade on an urban scale. 

The building has 3 levels, two above-ground levels and a semi-underground level, which offers the districts and its inhabitants a changing volumetry and varied perspectives.

Architectural concept & Organization

 - The school has 22 large classrooms and 11 small annex classrooms, each located between the large classrooms.  The main classrooms are all at least 7m deep x 9m long on the façade. The clear height in the classrooms is 3.30m.

The floors are served by a lift, located in the central area of the school and open staircases in the two side wings. The East/South or West orientations are respected for the majority of classes.

 The centre of the building consists of the reserve rooms on the ground floor and the first floor, the conference rooms for the teaching staff equipped with small kitchens and a generous meeting area, an office for the president of the school committee and annex premises such as reproduction, storage, ...

 Multi-purpose rooms are located on the lower level mezzanine floor. These include a learning kitchen (74m2) with multiple work surfaces and all the necessary equipment, but also a computer room (100m2), a library (107m2) with many shelves, storage furniture and sofas, a room for science lessons (60m2) and a craft workshop (67m2).  An infirmary is also located on the mezzanine floor.

 The corridors are generous in order to allow the circulation of people and to accommodate benches with changing rooms at the entrance of each of the classes. The circulation spaces of the two wings are projected as a large open space where the interior stairways and staircases stand out from the facades.  These spaces are generously open to the outside and benefit from a large amount of natural light.

The walls between classrooms and corridors are punctually opened by large windows allowing light to pass through, allowing spatial and visual freedom, while preserving the intimacy of the students and the teacher.  

 Service areas such as maintenance rooms and children's and teachers' toilets are located on each floor at the entrance to each wing or in the central area.  These positions also correspond to the proximity of the two entrance locks, on the south side for the main entrance and on the north side towards the playground.

A sanitary facility accessible to persons with reduced mobility is provided on each floor. This is grouped together with the other toilets in the central area.

 The basements contain all the technical and connection rooms of the building.

There is a large room for the maintenance service, where equipment and trolleys can be stored. 

Separate changing rooms (men and women) with showers are provided in the basements for maintenance staff and, if necessary, for the teaching staff. 

 storage room for rubbish bins is provided inside the building in the basement.