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Service d'éducation et d'accueil à Bertrange

The Bertrange municipal administration has entrusted STEINMETZDEMEYER with the design of a complex of buildings in the centre of the municipality.

This complex includes a sports centre and a maison relais (education and reception service).
The extension of the offices of the municipal administration is also planned.

The challenge of this project is to organise a major programme on a limited site behind the current Maison Communale. The main functions are juxtaposed and interlinked.
The different levels of play make it possible to clarify access for different types of users: sports clubs, spectators, children, educators, parents.

The Education and Reception Service is developed on 4 levels.
Two levels, ground floor and 1st floor, each have 2 pedagogical units.
Each of the 4 pedagogical units is dedicated to a specific teaching cycle.
Each cycle has 5 activity rooms and a designated refectory divided into sub-areas.

The centre of the building contains all the service rooms.
The structure of the building and the façades allows great flexibility in terms of layout so that the building can accommodate various functions over the years as the needs of the municipality change (activity and education rooms, rooms for associations, classrooms, offices, etc.). This feature is a guarantee of the sustainability of this project.

The basement contains the kitchens, staff changing rooms and technical and storage rooms.

The roof level is laid out as an accessible playground and activity area. It is partially covered by a courtyard. The perimeter walls keep the children away from the wind and provide an acoustic break for the neighbourhood. This innovative situation provides a whole series of complementary outdoor spaces to accommodate the children's activities.