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CWN 1909

Footbridge Cents, Neudorf, Weimershof

The footbridge between the districts of Cents, Neudorf and Weimershof (Plateau du Kirchberg) is the realization of proposition launched in 2005 while working on the preparatory studies for the new PAG of the City of Luxembourg, the same studies that gave birth to the Pfaffenthal public elevator project, delivered by our office in 2016.

15 years later, it is with the engineers Ney & Partners and JSE that STDM has the pleasure to participate in the studies of this exceptional work of art, marking the landscape of the City as well as a new moment in the development of the active mobility network between neighbourhoods.

Exclusively destined to pedestrians and cyclists, the footbridge, with a length of more than 200 m, crosses the Neudorf valley suspended with cables from a pylon raising 72 m from a new public forecourt along the rue de Neudorf. It thus leaves the slopes of the valley unscathed and preserves the existing biotopes (fauna and flora).

A public elevator in an independent structure, alike a campanile, connects the Neudorf valley to the footbridge.

The three districts will soon be a few minutes away from one another by foot or by bicycle, and will enjoy connexions to the tram station Coque and to the Cents railway-station on either side.

The complete and detailed presentation of the project is available on the website of the City of Luxembourg.

The opening of the bridge and lift is scheduled for 2025.