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DFT 1618


The contribution of STDM and TRACOL Immobilier for the development of the new centre of Differdange: a green city where it is good to live!

The project is an urban reflection that proposes not only the creation of a visual landmark, the "Urban Forest" tower, but above all the establishment of a new attractive and unifying place through the quality of its public amenities and the multiple uses they can accommodate throughout the life of an urban community.

At the crossroads of train, bus, pedestrian, cyclist and main roads, the URBAN FOREST project becomes the landmark guiding inhabitants and visitors to this area of convergence from the old and new districts of Differdange.

The configuration of the place and the density of activities around this new public square brings a real added value, a social intensity and an animation that attracts the inhabitants of the region to this central space.

The location and recognition of the heart of the agglomeration is signalled in the distance by the height of the high-rise housing tower and its green facades. This ensemble, innovative in its forms, construction and expression of life through the seasons, sends out a strong and positive image.

The useful integration of plants into the architecture brings an extraordinary quality of life to the inhabitants and users, as nature is brought back to the very heart of the city, where it will, among other things, help to mark the seasons through the very special colours of the plants chosen for the façades.

The URBAN FOREST project is the proposal of a strong, lively and welcoming place, the symbol of a city that is reinventing itself from its industrial past and is aware of the important role it plays in clearly opting for the sustainable development of tomorrow.

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