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FLSTA 0616

extension in a

This extension of an ancient modest  house in a early XXth century “cité jardin” in the periphery of Luxembourg-City proposes an atypical formal resolution in taking the best advantages of all possibilities of enlargement allowed by the local urban regulations.

The small opportunities to add volumes to the existing house were assembly together and considered as a block to be sculpted in order to find a unique expression and bring a new coherence to the house and its extension. The inspiration of context and existing roof geometry gave the final shape to the project.

Wood established itself both as the perfect building material by its lightness and its easiness off implementation at the back of the house, as the ideal finishing material by its silver grey patina and the vibration of the surface given by the rhythm of the cladding.

A big steel window opens the ground floor to the garden. Others openings are very simple roof-windows placed random on the volume to catch light and views in preserving the intimacy of the sleeping rooms behind.

This small project  finds its interest in creating an uncommon object  transforming the everyday life of the inhabitants and their neighbourhood

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former collaborators: Magalie Braune, Franziska Hofmann, Heike Bohrer