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PFASC 0634

an icon for soft mobility in luxembourg

The aim of the project is to create a mechanical link for cyclists between Pfaffenthal and the Upper Town. It is part of a proactive policy of the City of Luxembourg which wishes to promote environmentally friendly travel. To this end, the City has put in place a range of concrete measures aimed at increasing the modal share of cycling by 2020 ("Conceptvélo").

The City of Luxembourg site is characterised by an irregular topography which constitutes a major constraint for non-motorised travel. With the exception of the Grund lift, which has been in operation for almost 20 years, there is no mechanical means of transport to cross the difference in height between the Upper Town and the Lower Town. Located directly below the Upper Town (70m difference in height), Pfaffenthal is the district of the Lower Town best suited to receive a second vertical link towards the town centre.

The target public for a vertical link includes the population living in the valley, but also any public that may occasionally use this infrastructure. Even if the link is primarily intended for a cycling public, a potential for pedestrian users coming from Pfaffenthal should also be taken into account. The active and educated resident population would be likely to use the link on a daily basis. The potential of occasional users (cyclists and pedestrians) for a vertical link is significant but difficult to quantify. It can be divided into 3 main groups, namely :

- Walkers

- Visitors

- Tourists

Former collaborators: Wael Mouawad, Diego Pirra, Thomas Burg

budget: € 7.5 Mio