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Ensemble d'immeubles de bureaux Skypark

Located in the airport area, on a long piece of land representing a total surface area of nearly 3 hectares, the project encompasses the major issues of the development of the "Airport City" master plan, between the terminal and the Grand Ducal Golf Club on the one hand and stretching from the intersection at the Ibis Hotel to the Cogeneration Plant on the other hand.

The aim of the project is to provide the offices with a maximum amount of glass surfaces on the airport, its runway and aircraft parking tarmac. The zig-zag shape of the building increases the length of the façades and opens up views towards the aircraft, much more than orthogonally positioned opposite façades. The spatial dynamics generated in this way clearly emphasise the spectacle of the comings and goings of aircraft departures and arrivals.

Due to the very long length of the site, and in order to honour the name "SkyPark", we have introduced in this generic zig-zag breaks in the north façade. The stakes for a building over 300 meters long is to introduce an urban scale on the sidewalk side, which works perfectly on the pedestrian scale. Visual cues are limited here to some 150 metres of visual distance, the facade breaks create near and far cues, allowing pedestrians to better locate themselves and "measure" their route. From the roadways, we thus perceive buildings that form a large coherent whole, "ONE" fragmented building.

In addition to the quality of the workspaces and their great functional flexibility, the project aims to marry the large scales of the outdoor spaces with those of the pedestrian's well-being, in convivial urban-type spaces, with everywhere the framed opening onto the always fascinating spectacle of airplanes and long journeys.