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SQML 1701


Agora unveiled three new projects for the development of the Central Square district in Belval.

STDM wins first prize for SQUARE MILE lot 46!

The proposed project offers diversified housing adapted to all types of social and family configurations and to their evolution over time thanks to the adaptability of the development. They are also adaptable for the elderly and PRMs.

The housing models still allow various possibilities of cohabitation.

Workspaces benefit from meeting places co-working offers a real alternative for work, it allows to work close to home, to share services and equipment, to create a community around a friendly spirit of exchange, dynamism and creativity.

In this sense, the project proposes several daily meeting places, including the exceptional roof-garden, to create a community of inhabitants in solidarity in moments of work and relaxation. It offers a high quality living environment to a wide range of occupants.

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